shannon nichol for sunset

Shannon Nichol of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol is super talented landscape architect.  I spent a little time with her on probably the roughest block of downtown Seattle where she will be installing parklets.

I’m always exited to work with the staff at Sunset,  because they’ve assigned me so many varied shoots.  It’s always something interesting, and I feel like I get to meet some amazing people through the work.  Thanks Sunset Photo Team!

sunset cover + cascades hwy feature part 2

If you missed part 1,  you can view it here.

On day 2,  we hiked to Blue Lake.  While the trail to the lake was pretty easy compared to the work we had put in the day before,  I wasn’t satisfied with the straight on view where the trail ends.

What ensued was a long scramble up loose rocks (pictured above).

The payoff was well worth it. It definitely provided a different perspective that highlights the landscape and the color of the water.

Post hike dip.

Colors + textures.

Our lodging for the last two nights was outside of Winthrop at the Sun Mountain Lodge.  This is the view heading up to the resort.  WA state always finds a way to impress me.

The main pool at the lodge. It has an amazing view of the valley and Cascades.

Aside from pools, mtn biking, and hiking,  the lodge is most well known for their ranch and horses.

You can go on guided tours or ride a wagon to a campfire lunch/dinner. The terrain and colors are amazing, and the staff is super friendly.  If you’re a horse lover,  I highly recommend a visit.

The chef preparing bbq chicken and ribs.

I ate a well balance meal of meat, followed by more meat.

Have kids?  They have that covered with instruction on lasso roping or music by the campfire.

The ride down to the bbq.

Tea + coffee on the stovetop.

This is Red.  She is in charge of the ranch, and is simply amazing with all the horses.  She’s in total control, and I was mesmerized watching her corral the group.

Red with her horse named ‘Two Cents’.

Crazy, beautiful light.

I have an endless supply of images that I loved from this series.  I just got lucky with beautiful light, good looking horses, and a willing subject.  Thanks Red!

Rope swing at nearby Patterson Lake

Fly fishing on the Methow River

Trails for miles and miles.  Soooo good!

Shoot wrapped and headed home.  Stopped at the Diablo Lake overlook.  The color of the water really is that green.

Thanks Jeffery, Yvonne, and everyone at Sunset for the amazing opportunity.  I’m thankful and fortunate to get to experience my home state through my work. Thanks also to Luke, my assistant, for shlepping my heavy pack on all of our hikes!



sunset cover + cascades highway feature part 1

Last September I was assigned a 4 day story for Sunset magazine that involved covering the Cascade Hwy along with a few spots in Mazama and Winthrop.  As is often the case with travel assignments,  this shoot wouldn’t see print for almost a full year.  So I was pleased to find out recently that one of the images landed the July cover!  The photograph above was taken high above Lake Ann on the Heather Meadows 7 mile loop trail.  I’ve done my fair bit of hiking over the years,  and this hike makes it onto my top 3 list simply because the entire 7-8 miles is amazing.  You’re not waiting for the big reward after a lot of climbing.  There are vistas, lakes, wildlife, etc just moments after hitting the trail.

The opening spread of the feature is a landscape image of Blue Lake.  It looks like a daily simple photo,  but I assure you that getting to this vantage point took some work.  The trail ends right at the mouth of the Lake, so my assistant and I essentially went bouldering for 3 more miles to find this view.

Now for some outtakes:

I’m a huge fan of ‘weather’,  but when your assignment calls for ‘summery’ images, you really are just hoping for some clear skies.

The overlook atop the pass.  The only thought running through my mind when looking down at the road was that the next time I’m here I’ll be on my bike with a good group of friends descending towards Mazama.  Hoping to do that this summer.

The Mazama store is a definite pit stop.  The store is owned by the same family that run’s Husky’s Deli in my neighborhood in W Seattle.  They carry Huskies Ice Cream, make delicious pizzas,  they bake their own bread, and they pull good espresso.

Architect Olson Kundig’s Rolling Huts would serve as base camp for the first two nights.

I had always wanted to stay here,  so it was a big treat and a restful place to relax after long days on the road and trails.

The interior is simple ply with modular boxes that can be pushed together to form a second bed.

I was attempting to use window reflection to show the landscape.  It’s always a good challenge shooting interiors of extremely narrow/small spaces.

Neighbors for the night.

The huts are referred to as ‘the herd’.

The Heather Pass hike was the first of three hikes on our list.  This is Lake Ann (the one from the cover).  The day was completely overcast aside form rare cloud breaks.  We waited roughly 90 minutes for 20 seconds of blue sky for this frame.

Immediately after taking the above photo, we met Gunther:

Gunther happens to be an Art Director who has worked at Vanity Fair UK and Vogue UK.  He was on vacation traveling the world in search of unique swimming holes.  While framing up the image of Lake Ann,  we heard someone banging sticks together.  Shortly after, Gunther scrambled up the rocks to where I was set up.  He has a great German accent and he asked my assistant and I if we could tell the difference between a Grizzly and a black bear. He then pulled out his camera and showed us the back of his screen.  Immediately, Luke and I said ‘Grizzly!’  He had just come across a good size Grizzly about 200 yards from where we were set up.  From that point on, Gunther stayed with us until we reached the summit where he fixed himself some tea and rested his legs.


We also came across a family with 3 boys that basically sprinted the whole hike.  When I asked the parents what the secret was,  the dad showed me his GPS.  They were playing geotag, and it definitely kept the kids interested the whole journey.

Two hikers down below for scale.  This image reminds me of how lucky I am to have great clients who appreciate my work. I’m super lucky to get to make photographs for a living.

The views never stopped.

I’ll be positing part two next week.  Have a safe 4th everyone!













joule for sunset

The second restaurant located in the Fremont Collective is Joule, a Korean Steakhouse.

The husband and wife team of Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang make an amazing short rib.

whale wins, evo, and joule for sunset magazine

The Fremont (a great neighborhood just north of downtown Seattle) Collective recently opened on Stone Way.  The old warehouse has been transformed into a new home for two fantastic restaurants and an outdoor gear store.  I recently had the great pleasure of making some photos for the current issue of Sunset.

First up, The Whale Wins:

The Whale Wins is chef Renee Erickson’s highly anticipated new seafood restaurant. The Walrus and the Carpenter is her other acclaimed spot in Ballard. This was definitely one of my favorite restaurants to photograph in recent memory.  A great deal of thought was implemented when designing the space.  It’s warm and approachable, yet modern and sophisticated.  The flow from seating area to the wood fired oven to the back area bar, all create for a communal feel.

I love the lettered lights above and the soft light that filters in from all sides.

The prep area is one of the first things you see when you walk in.  It’s extremely efficient and I love the concept of making all the ingredients visible.  Everything looks fresh and smells amazing.

Stacks of firewood used in the oven serve as a great backdrop to the prep area.

The back bar is the perfect spot for happy hour.

You can eat seafood here.  You can order the best grilled cheese you’ve ever eaten.  You can even eat baked goods made daily each morning in the wood oven.  I’m a sucker for brownies,  so I went for it and now I can’t stop thinking about going back for seconds.

The view from above of the entry way and main sitting area.

The Sardine toasts with roasted tomato mayo and shaved fennel.

Butcher paper is used on all the tables.


Check back tomorrow for images of Joule – the neighboring Korean restaurant.