marko cheseto for espn the magazine

I traveled to Anchorage earlier this month to photograph Kenyan runner Marko Cheseto for ESPN the Magazine. I could try to put the experience into words,  but you are much better off watching the beautifully shot Outside the Lines video and reading Seth Wickershsham’s well written story documenting the tragic story in this month’s issue.

It’s a story with more layers than I think I even realize.  I felt the tension and anxiousness of what is undoubtedly, a very controversial story. There’s the story of assimilation into US culture.  There’s the story of recruiting Kenyan’s. There’s the story of guilt.  There’s the story of depression.  There’s the story of anger and frustration.  There’s the story of hope.

Marko in his apartment.

Marko’s father visiting from Kenya.  The community raised the funds needed to fly him to Anchorage to spend a month with Marko as he adjusts to his new life.

I’ve posted a gallery of some more images on my site under the ‘projects’ gallery.

Thank you ESPN the Magazine and Mr. Galac for the great assignment and opportunity.

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