is it 2012 already?

Man oh man.  Time flies when you are changing diapers, learning how to make better espresso, and working the hustle that it is everyday for freelance artists.  2011 was the best year for my business to date,  yet every time a new year begins,  I feel the need tweak and reassess my direction.

Part of that process has been creating a new site that will allow my work more freedom.  I just wanted a site where photo editor’s, art buyer’s, and creatives would be able to quickly understand my point of view and my style.

After quite a bit of work,  I’m proud to launch the new version of the site:


Below are a couple of screenshots.  It’s a simple scrolling site,  but the user can either scroll, click through, or use arrow keys.  We’ve also added thumbnails (by clicking the lower left icon).

There’s quite a bit of new work on the site,  so take a break and check it out.  I’ve also got quite a few exciting projects in the works and down the road that will make it’s way online in the coming weeks.

Happy belated New Years!

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