burrito the chimp

This shot almost didn’t happen.  My assignment was to get a portrait of Sarah Baeckler with one of the chimpanzees from the Chimpanzee Sanctuary.  The problem is that the whole point of the sanctuary is to keep human interaction with the chimps to a minimum because they used to be used on film sets or in medical research labs.

Luckily,  Burrito came to the rescue!  She was the one chimp that was interested enough in what we were doing to sit long enough to allow me to get a few frames.

I haven’t spent too much time around chimps,  but the shoot definitely made me more aware of their sheer power and spitting abilities.  As I was making the image, chimps in the cages behind me were constantly showering me with their saliva.  It was a memorable shoot to say the least. As always,  thanks Glamour!

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