josh carver for men’s health

First off, Happy New Year.  2010 was an amazing blur – having a kid, moving to W Seattle, working in Hawaii, Carribean, Canada, and all over the States.  I’m thankful to everyone who helped make it go smoothly from all the great PE, AD, and AB who hired me, to the stylists and assistants I work with, and to all the friends who brought us meals when Soren was born.  Thank you.

I don’t have any specific resolutions for the New Year.  I’m mainly just excited to continue to create images and complete some personal projects that had to be moved to the back burner.

On to the new work:

This is Josh Carver for Men’s Health.  He’s a pharmaceutical sales rep and father of four,  who recently lost loads of weight that he packed on eating fast food and not working out.  Weight loss stories are everywhere these days.  From all the Biggest Losers, to people on every talk show on every network.  That said,  I found Josh’s story inspiring b/c of the commonality of being fathers.  I never knew how much time having a kid would take out of each day,  so that fact that he’s got four and was able to turn his life around is a pretty solid achievement.

Along with this story for Men’s Health,  I’ll be blogging about other recent stories for Fast Company, Sunset, Cooking Light, Bank of America, Runner’s World, and Glamour.

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