“these flying machines”


Bishop Clark,  Auburn WA

These flying machines, what do you call them, airplanes!  We didn’t have them back in my day, you would have been crazy to even be thinking about it.”

01.29.2010 words from the 106 yr old man himself as he marveled at my photo equipment

I often get asked,  ‘what’s the favorite photograph you’ve ever made?’  I never have a real answer, as I suppose I’m always thinking the next day will yield an image that exceeds anything I’ve produced.  However,  if you asked me that question today,  I’d have to say my recent session with the amazing 106 yr old (soon to be 107) Bishop Clark for Time Magazine.

It was just one of those moments that rarely happens during a portrait session.  It’s always an intricate and delicate dance to create authentic portrayals of the people I meet.  I guess you could say we were good dance partners,  because it was just flowing and full of life.  Our dialogue and energy were in sync, and he trusted me to do my job.

The image above can be seen in the current issue of Time.  It’s part of a larger story which tries to shine light on how centenarian’s thrive and live healthy lives.

Below are some other images that I liked from the assignment:



Me + Otis after the shoot

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  1. This is awesome…I feel kinda honoured this was one of your favorite shoots. He looks as if he was incredibly special. The video was something else! Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK!!

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