piggy bank


If you have money laying around,  then these are the men and women who can tell you where to stuff it.

Last month I traveled to Miami, Chicago, Boston, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles to make these portraits for a Money Magazine feature which is on newstands now.  As a portrait photographer,  I love jobs like this.  The challenge is not only to make subjects who normally loathe getting their photos taken feel comfortable and look good,  but also in trying to match the setup in each different location.


One portrait was done in a home, some in offices, and others in hotel rooms.  Each location presents it’s unique challenges, and it’s race to get everything done when you only have a small window of time to set up and make your portrait. In the end, I definitely had to adapt my vision and lighting a bit.  8 ft ceilings are rarely a photographer’s friend.


That’s what I love about photography.  It’s just as much about problem solving as it is artistic vision as it is a humanitarian feat.  An example –  I was all set in an office space for one of the subjects. Seamless was up, lights were firing, and I felt it was a solid match to the other portraits I had already completed.  A minute before the subject shows up,  the ventilation system in the room turns on and my background starts oscillating causing a formidable kink in my seamless.  I asked if it could be turned off,  and got a quick ‘no’ b/c it would shut down ventilation in the entire building (a Manhattan highrise). So I had to think fast, and I clamped fabric which I packed in my kit to the ceiling to block the ventilation.  Luckily,  that did the trick.


I want to thank Ryan and Betsy for the great opportunity to collaborate on this project.  It was a pleasure.

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