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I’ve always been a fan of finding good local music.  In Seattle,  there is no shortage of talent.  I’ve really been enjoying Ivan and Alyosha lately (you can download their debut album on itunes).

Check out Ivan and Alyosha here.

Here’s what Rolling Stone says:

The Buzz: Smooth, soaring guitar pop from Seattle duo that is plaintive and pristine.
Listen If: You’d be curious to hear what happened if the Shins slowed it down a bit.
Key Track: “Easy to Love,” the perfect late Valentine for the mutually smitten.

I think “plaintive and prisitine” sums them up pretty good.

Whoever out there is following this blog,  let me know what’s currently new in your itunes library.

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  1. of all the opening acts i’ve seen this summer, i’d have to say the wallflowers’ opener “the picture” took the cake. they’re from brooklyn and while they have their own sound, it’s evident that u2 is one of their influences.

    also the new gomez album “a new tide” – it’s delicious. they keep it interesting by having 2 different lead singers taking turns on tracks. one gets the odds, one the evens. quirky instruments & motifs for each song eliminates the feeling that you’re just listening to noise after a while. i feel like if wilco had a more sober and deliberate approach, it’d be something like this.

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