Summer has flown by.  Getting re-adjusted to SoCal, getting my son situated in 1st grade, furnishing the house and office, meetings with peers and industry contacts,  and getting to know the roads on my bicycle have make it go by in a blink.  Work has been really fulfilling lately with enough travel to keep things interesting and with commissions that have felt well suited to the way I work.

Below are a few recent tearsheets to get the blog moving again.



Cover and feature for Bicycling Magazine.  My last assignment being based in Seattle,  so it was good to get to work with friends on making these images.


Autumn Vetch for Reader’s Digest.  Autumn survived a plane crash in which she saw both of her grandparents perish in the fire.  She then had to endure a couple of days in the unrelenting PNW rugged wilderness before she was rescued.


Palatine Passive House for Dwell.  This was a an amazing home by Malbouef Bowie photographed in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.


Cover and spread below of Kathryn Bertine for Bicycling Magazine photographed atop Mt Lemmon in Tuscon, AZ.



Exos training facility in Phoenix, AZ photographed for Men’s Fitness Magazine.

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