diy ramps, blowouts, and cracking rims

BI0116_COVThis one will go down as one I will never forget.  It was such a blast getting to work with friends to produce this job.  The two big challenges of the day were: 1) NW weather and 2) Carbon CX frames and pavement

As for the weather,  according to the forecast,  it was the one day all week where said 0% chance of rain.  As luck would have it,  it began drizzling as we set up all the lights.  That drizzle erupted into a monsoon.  We bagged everything, but not before I lost one Profoto pack.  We waited as everything got soaked and the freak 45 minute storm passed.

Gian (the super pro rider making the jump) then got ready for a few test jumps.  After about 4 attempts and him making everything look so silky smooth and easy,  we heard a crack from one of his rims.  We decided that meant no more test runs and lets get the shot before we have no bike!  On real attempt #2, a load ‘POW’ sounded as he landed.  His rear blew out and that’s when I called my friend and neighbor to swing by with another tube (thx Garret!).  We made a wardrobe change and Gian landed 3 more jumps before we called it wrapped.  Crazy to believe I only had about 5-7 frames of the jump.  Normally that would freak me out,  but Gian looked good in all of them,  so it felt like we got it.


Above is a quick video animation of the many body positions we tried .


Here’s Gian and the blowout.  Thanks to everyone who helped out on this shoot and to Jesse at Bicycling for the opportunity to try something ridiculous!


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