john legere for fast company

Almost all the CEO portraits I get hired to do involve extremely quick problem solving.  More often that not, I have not scouted the location beforehand.  I show up with my crew and walk around the space(s) asking if and where I’m allowed to set up.  It’s always a race to find a spot where I can make pictures that I’ll be happy with and at the same time knowing that I’ll only have minutes with my subject.  I’ll be honest,  a few years ago this used to stress me out.  I had a hard time balancing everything and feeling like I could actually connect with my subjects in these environments.  Now I feel different about the process.  I love the challenge of breaking things down – making the complex appear simple through the camera.

John Legere is the President and CEO of TMobile.  He was super relaxed and easy to work with.  He just came across as a good guy to work for.


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