robert gates for esquire

The past 12 weeks have a been a blur.  Maybe that will be the recurring theme of my life now with 2 kids to raise, a business to run, and all the extra ‘life’ that life brings.  All in all, the work front has been great.  I’ve had a healthy dose of challenging assignments to keep me on my toes and to keep me growing as a photographer.  I’ll be trying to catch up this week before taking a breather for the Holidays.

Near the middle of the summer,  I got a call from Esquire to make a portrait of former Sec of Defense, Robert Gates.   I was super excited, as I’d never worked with Esquire and have long admired their portrait driven stories.  My time with Mr. Gates was fairly brief.  Rightly so,  he’s a very private person and only would allow photographs in the office and no where else on his property.  His office space is basically a political museum.  The man has had quite a life – 26 yrs in the CIA and National Security Council, President of Texas A&M, and now president of the Boys Scouts of America.  He’s one of those guys that just seems to have accomplished more in his lifetime than I would if I had 300 yrs to live.  Most of our conversation involved Mr. Gates telling my assistant and I jokes – most of which were about Los Angeles.

I love the design Esquire took with the opening spread,  and I’m super thankful to Michael for the great assignment.

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