hills of big sur with juniper ridge

Sometimes the stars align, and I receive an inquiry about an assignment that seems too good to be true.  Essentially,  the conversation goes like this: “Would you like to go to Big Sur and spend two days backpacking with some guys that distill men’s cologne out of the back of their van?”  My immediate thoughts – camping, Big Sur (my favorite spot in all of California), and guys who make stuff out their van –  sign me up!

I had an amazing time with Obi, Hall, and the rest of the Juniper team.  Not only were they laid back,  but they fed me and my assistant amazing meals.  Thanks to Catriona and Amy at MJ for the great opportunity and to everyone at Juniper for being so easy to work with.


I’ve gone ahead and created a gallery on my site – click here to check it out.


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