two wheels – a portrait study


A little over 2 years ago I was introduced to road cycling while living in LA.  My circle of friends were fanatical about the sport,  and I decided to give it a try.  While I liked to ride,  I never thought I’d really get into it.  Since moving to Seattle,  I’ve found myself on the bike more and more.  Now that it’s part of my life,  I really wanted to document the people who ride day in and day out up here.  There’s just something about getting all decked out in spandex.  In part,  it feels and looks ridiculous.  But when I look at the sport and the real athletes who practice it,  there is more of a superhero element to the uniform or ‘kits’ cyclists wear.


These portraits are part of an ongoing portrait project that I’m working on out of my studio.  I just thought it was an appropriate time to post them since Le Tour de France is officially over.  If you are into cycling,  be sure to check out Brent Humphrey’s tour coverage on Andrew Hetherington’s blog.


3 thoughts on “two wheels – a portrait study

  1. There must be a relationship with the neoprene culture of competitive swimmers – although the neoprene rarely has anything written on it other than maybe a brand.

  2. I have thought recently that a portrait study of people and their bikes would make a pretty cool photo book. People from all over the world and their bikes. Nice.

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