pearl jam bassist jeff ament and kenny mayne for ESPN the magazine

I grew up watching Kenny on Sportscenter, and I also spent my fair share of time listening to Pearl Jam (usually during warm ups for basketball games).  Kenny has a dead pan comedic delivery,  that I always enjoy.

Here are some memorable Kenny quotes:

“Your puny ballparks are too small to contain my gargantuan blasts! Bring me the finest meats and cheeses for a clubhouse feast!”


“Only Barnes and Noble lets someone stand around longer doing nothing.”

“We’re gonna show it again, cause we have editing equipment.”

“He’s tall.”

“El es un grande muchacho.”

“That’s his first homerun. The media pressure will be intense for his second.”

“Everyone put your hands up, way up in the air, and wave them as if there are no reprecussions.”

Pearl Jam’s Ten has to go down as one of the best alternative albums of all time.  That said,  I was excited to get the call to make some loose moment portraits of the two for the current ESPN the Magazine music issue.

Jeff played college ball in Montana for a stint before leaving school to pursue music.  Here he is abusing Kenny down low.

This was a fun assignment all around.  The best part was getting play a little ball with Kenny and Jeff before we got down to work.

Thanks to Kenny, Jeff, my crew, and Kris at ESPN for a great shoot!  You can watch Kenny’ interview with Jeff here.


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