mathew inman of the oatmeal for time magazine

I had the pleasure of getting to meet and make portraits of Matthew Inman,  the creator behind The Oatmeal (click the link if you want yet another source of time sucking material to consume you – it’s worth it), for Time Magazine.  The Oatmeal is an extremely popular web comic site which millions of visitors each month.  Matt also runs a online store as an offshoot of the site where he sells everything from Sriracha hot sauce underwear to t shirts with his characters on them.

Here’s Matt drawing a portrait of me.  Apparently I’m a little sheepish,  which I’ll take as a compliment.

Here’s Matt and his mother at the fulfillment warehouse for all of his online shop sales.

This is Matt’s ‘how many more photos is this guy going to take’ face.

The man loves his Sriracha hot sauce ( and He-Man, and Tesla guns…).

Matt,  thanks to you and your family for a great shoot.  Thanks also for the book, signed one of a kind portrait, Sriracha Pop Corn, and t shirt!

Thank you also to Marie Tobias at Time for the great assignment!




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