mark shipman’s garage for outside magazine

What do you do when you have so many toys that you don’t know where to store them?  In Mark Shipman’s case,  you build a garage complete with climbing wall. I traveled to central Washington for the current issue of Outside Magazine (thanks Amy for the assignment!) to make some photos of his space.

I ended up shooting the image of his garage from the roof of his house.  I was up on the roof waiting for the right light and the whole time watching a crazy storm roll in.

Packs, sleeping pads, tents, sleeping bags, mtn bikes, kayaks, tandem bike, roller blades, skis, etc…  Mark can basically wake up and decide he wants to be gone for a week in the backcountry and have his car packed in under 10 minutes.  The man is that organized.

Aside from being someone who clearly knows how to enjoy the outdoors,  Mark is also an amazing home brewer.  He sent my home with a variety 6 pack,  and it was some of the best beer I’ve had in a long time.  Mark,  if you’re reading this,  I’m swinging by your place next time I’m out East for a pint!

My assistant Andy grabbed this shot me on Mark’s roof.  If you are into manly stuff, check out Andy’s blog here.






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