jon rimmerman for GQ

This is Jon Rimmerman of the Garagiste (purveyor of wines), photographed for the November issue of GQ.  I was really excited to get the call for this story,  because I’ve been a long time fan of the portrait work featured in GQ.

Jon was really great to work with, and was very comfortable in front of the camera.  I showed up a bit early to scout the location and immediately was drawn to the white paint on the bench.  I felt it would be a great way to highlight the wine pour.  The rest of the set up was moving furniture and adding the flowers. Thanks to GQ, my crew, Artusi, and Jon’s family for making the shoot possible.


Some outtakes:

The guy in the tank just happened to be walking by as we were setting up the shot.  I asked him if he’d be down to pour some wine, and he was nice enough to play the part.

Jon in his new Fiat.