joule for sunset

The second restaurant located in the Fremont Collective is Joule, a Korean Steakhouse.

The husband and wife team of Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang make an amazing short rib.

whale wins, evo, and joule for sunset magazine

The Fremont (a great neighborhood just north of downtown Seattle) Collective recently opened on Stone Way.  The old warehouse has been transformed into a new home for two fantastic restaurants and an outdoor gear store.  I recently had the great pleasure of making some photos for the current issue of Sunset.

First up, The Whale Wins:

The Whale Wins is chef Renee Erickson’s highly anticipated new seafood restaurant. The Walrus and the Carpenter is her other acclaimed spot in Ballard. This was definitely one of my favorite restaurants to photograph in recent memory.  A great deal of thought was implemented when designing the space.  It’s warm and approachable, yet modern and sophisticated.  The flow from seating area to the wood fired oven to the back area bar, all create for a communal feel.

I love the lettered lights above and the soft light that filters in from all sides.

The prep area is one of the first things you see when you walk in.  It’s extremely efficient and I love the concept of making all the ingredients visible.  Everything looks fresh and smells amazing.

Stacks of firewood used in the oven serve as a great backdrop to the prep area.

The back bar is the perfect spot for happy hour.

You can eat seafood here.  You can order the best grilled cheese you’ve ever eaten.  You can even eat baked goods made daily each morning in the wood oven.  I’m a sucker for brownies,  so I went for it and now I can’t stop thinking about going back for seconds.

The view from above of the entry way and main sitting area.

The Sardine toasts with roasted tomato mayo and shaved fennel.

Butcher paper is used on all the tables.


Check back tomorrow for images of Joule – the neighboring Korean restaurant.


ryan hadlock for billboard

This is Ryan Hadlock,  the producer for the Lumineers, photographed for Billboard at his recording studio just East of Seattle.  In the past 25 year quite a few big names have recorded at Bear Creek: Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Modest Mouse, and the Fleet Foxes.

Thanks to Ryan and his assistant for the great tour!

Some portrait outtakes:


bhavesh chauhan of microsoft for fast company

This is Microsoft software engineer Bhavesh Chauhan photographed for the current issue of Fast Company. He worked with Microsoft’s Garage (space in one of it’s campus buildings designed for employee projects) to develop a piece of software that detects if the user has forgotten to attach an attachment to their outgoing email.

Below are some outtakes.


Thanks Sarah for the assignment!



ephrata bw

I’m getting closer to finishing up these scans.  Here’s one more before I get the full gallery up later this week.

grand fondo ephrata coming soon

I made the drive to central WA this past weekend to hang out with some friends and document their suffering as they completed the 80 mile Gran Fondo Ephrata. I only used film,  so I’ll be rolling out a few more frames in the coming days as I make my way through the scans, and ultimately I’ll put up a gallery on my site.

An advance thank you to the boys for letting me tag along.