coach mike leach for men’s journal

300 miles away on the border of WA and ID, lies a town named Pullman.  I recently traveled this route to make some portraits of the Cougars new coach, Mike Leach for the Sept issue of Men’s Journal.  You can read the story here. Three years ago he was controversially fired from his head coaching job at Texas Tech. He was accused of ‘hazing’ one of his players and was sent packing.  Now he is getting another chance at a program that hasn’t reached a bowl game since 2003.

I didn’t get a whole lot of time with Coach Leach,  but I found him to be extremely laid back and friendly.  The man is always on a conference call or in meetings.

Above is the tunnel leading out onto the Cougars field.  There was a high school camp going on,  so we had plenty of fans wanting to meet their new coach.




running legends kenny moore and frank shorter

In the 1972 Games in Munich, Palestinian terrorists attacked and killed 11 coaches and athletes of the Israeli Olympic team.  This event became known as the ‘Munich massacre’.

Below are photographs I made for the current issue of Runner’s World.  I traveled down to the Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR to make some portraits/still lifes of Kenny Moore and Frank Shorter.  These guys are not only true gentlemen,  they are legends and ambassadors in the world of professional running. Kenny is a regular contributor to Runner’s World,  and it’s his story that is told in the article.  He was extremely emotional when he described the games, Prefontaine, Nike, and time with his best friend Frank. His recollection of memories definitely made me grateful for the work I get to do and the people I meet along the way.  Thank you Frank and Kenny.

Runner’s World has a great video interview with the guys here.

Frank Shorter – gold medalist in the marathon ’72 Munich Games. This is is the actual jersey they wore in ’72.

Kenny Moore – he finished 4th in ’72 and is an active writer for RW magazine. He’s wearing his warm up jacket from the Munich Games.

Of all the memorabilia Kenny kept from the games,  this was my favorite.  It made me wonder what the athletes get now?

Kenny has an amazing collection of running shoes.  These were particularly interesting to me as the sole’s grip was made of sand paper.  These shoes weighed next to nothing,  but Kenny mentioned they were never sold in the marketplace because the sandpaper wasn’t the ideal material for durability.

For you running fans out there,  this is an accidental amazing outtake.  You’ll recognize Ryan Hall and his wife to the right of Kenny.  When I made this frame,  I didn’t even notice the Hall’s.  I was simply trying to get random runners on the trail running around Kenny.  It was later when I was editing that I discovered they had made their way into my frame.  It turns out Ryan was at the trials supporting his wife in her bid for the games.