scarves up

Earlier this year,  I had the opportunity of working on the current print campaign for WA State Lottery.  I was super excited to hear that one of the shots would involve four of the Seattle Sounders vs. some average joes. I’m a huge futbol fan (it’s the Argentine blood in me) and since moving to Seattle,   I’ve become a fan of our Sounders.

So I began by creating a scene where the ‘average joes’ are marching down the field and the Sounders are struggling to stop them.  After all,  it’s the lottery and if you won that much money,  I’m sure you could bribe the players to let you win, right?

Timing of image was crucial as we wanted to get everything in one frame – with little to no compositing.  In the above photo I’m speaking Spanish with Montero telling him to stick his elbow right in our talent’s chest.  I just wanted the guys to have fun with it – pull jerseys, throw some bows, and just be animated.

After each frame,  the Montero, Zakuani, Riley, and Alonso would stop by the tent to check out the shot on the screen.  Normally that’s not an aspect of digital I love,  but in this instance it created a really strong energy.  The players were excited with the images,  and seeing them frame by frame gave them more insight as to what I was looking to get and also gave them a chance to offer suggestions.

Above is another shot which is running on billboards and print across the State right now.  The challenge once once again was to capture everything in one frame to insure that the action feels authentic.

Just a crop of another frame showing Montero’s dirty play.

These were some quick portraits I made at the end of the shoot.

The fine folks from Cole+Weber and WA Lottery.  Thanks to all of you and the Sounders for a great shoot!

burrito the chimp

This shot almost didn’t happen.  My assignment was to get a portrait of Sarah Baeckler with one of the chimpanzees from the Chimpanzee Sanctuary.  The problem is that the whole point of the sanctuary is to keep human interaction with the chimps to a minimum because they used to be used on film sets or in medical research labs.

Luckily,  Burrito came to the rescue!  She was the one chimp that was interested enough in what we were doing to sit long enough to allow me to get a few frames.

I haven’t spent too much time around chimps,  but the shoot definitely made me more aware of their sheer power and spitting abilities.  As I was making the image, chimps in the cages behind me were constantly showering me with their saliva.  It was a memorable shoot to say the least. As always,  thanks Glamour!