cover story on cap hill seattle

Above is the cover taken at Elliott Bay Bookstore for this month’s Preservation magazine.  If you’ve never heard of this publication and you are into architecture or historical sites,  then you are missing out.  The writers do a fantastic job, and it really is top notch journalism.  I’m definitely a fan of their content and feel lucky to get to contribute to an editorial with such substance.

This story revolved around the Pike + Pine area of Capitol Hill Seattle.  For those of you not from the NW or those not familiar with Seattle,  Capitol Hill is the neighborhood where most big things go down in Seattle.  Top designers, motion studios, amazing eateries, and high end retailers fill the blocks that make up the neighborhood.  Mr. Malone, photographed above, is the man who owns and runs most of the buildings in the Pike+Pine area.  He’s got loads of passion when it comes to bringing in quality tenants who bring something different to the table.  He also does a good job of keeping the historical buildings in tact.  With so much hype over green building these days,  Malone believes that the greenest buildings are the ones restored and rehabbed.

One of the spreads.

Anne Michelson owns and runs Crescent Down Works (a clothing business) out of an old building she’s restored.  She also owns the new Kundig Condo building which I recommend checking out if you like his work.  More images ran in the article,  so pick it up and check it out.

tobago cays

This past December I was assigned to photograph a cover/feature for the current ‘Dream Trips’ issue of Budget Travel.   I first flew to Puerto Rico, then spent the night in St. Vincent before catching one last flight to Union Island. From there I joined captain Eric Staahl aboard his catamaran for a 48 hr adventure of sailing around the cays to create a cover that incorporated a dreamy spot with the catamaran present in the photo. The idea would be that you and your family/friends would charter a yacht or catamaran and set sail to reach some spots only reachable by water.

The Tobago Cays are pretty perfect.  The water is warm, crystal clear, and is teeming with giant sea turtles.

Pretty sweet views everywhere you look.

On the boat,  we ate hot dogs, Pringles, and Peanut Butter sandwiches.  On land, fresh fish and fruity drinks.

Some details that caught my eye.

When you anchor up,  locals come by and sell you lobsters, souvenirs, and they offer to get you just about anything you need.

Captain Eric Stahl and his catamaram, the Tachyon.

My bed and our map.

Swan dive.

Left: a restaurant in Salt Whistle Bay     Right: New resort in Chatham Bay, Union Island

Storm coming in Salt Whistle Bay.

Iguanas are about as plentiful as the sea turtles.

We ran into a fun group who were willing to be in some shots.

After we wrapped,  I  had to take a dip off the top of the catamaran.  Fun times!  Thanks Amy and Bob for the great opportunity and assignment!

when life hands you carrots

Not too long ago I traveled to Salt Spring Island B.C. on assignment for Sunset.  I highly recommend taking a visit if you are in the NW.  It’s a remarkable island with loads of quality things to do. Sunset named Salt Spring one of their best towns to ‘live your dream’, and I must admit if you are a foodie,  Salt Spring is a pretty good choice.  The island is completely committed to being sustainable.  There are bread makers, artisan cheese makers, wineries, plenty of seafood, and fruits and veggies.  So if you have a green thumb and dream of growing your own food while living in an idyllic setting,  Salt Spring might be the place for you.

These images are just part of a larger story on the island – stay tuned for that story.