good eats in vancouver bc

On newsstands now: story I photographed for Cooking Light Jan/Feb Issue

If you are headed to Vancouver B.C. anytime soon,  be sure to check out the recommendations Cooking Light has written about in their current issue or online here. I had an amazing time getting to meet the chefs and sample the great food that Vancouver has to offer.   Tojo’s sushi had to be the highlight.  Tojo,  apparently the inventor of the California roll,  fed me and my assistant with the best sushi I’ve ever had.  Aside from the great sushi,  Tojo and his staff were all extremely respectful and friendly.

run to remember

Photo Above: Lisa Hallett and her children for Feb issue of Runner’s World

Lisa’s husband John and three of his fellow Army soldiers were killed in Afghanistan in August of 2009 by an IED. He never met his 3 week year old girl and he left behind two other children as well.  Lisa may very well be strongest woman I’ve ever met.  Part of her strength comes from the solace she finds through running,  so she now helps organize a group who ‘run to remember’ their fallen loved ones.

The ‘Run to Remember’ group.  Before each run they gather in a circle joining hands and read the names of all the fallen from their brigade (which happens to be the heaviest hit since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan).  They also say a quiet prayer for the lost and their families.  Then it’s off for a run.

Standing atop the old Subaru to get the last few frames as the sun sets.  Thanks Lisa + Runner’s World!