peter guard for fast co

This is Peter Guard for the current February issue of Fast Company Magazine. Peter is a ‘Cabin Experience Strategy Leader’ for Boeing.  In other words,  he’s the designer responsible for making airplane cabins for comfortable and functional.  For example,  he’s working on making seats more light weight and comfortable.  Losing weight equals more leg room without losing seat count.  He also spoke to me about doing away with the lavatory bifold panel doors and replacing them with panel doors.  These changes may sound minor,  but after getting a sneak peak at the new interior of Boening latest creation,  it sure looks like air travel will be getting more comfortable (at least if you’re on an overseas flight).

Here are a couple of outtakes:


This is Nat Hong for the January issue of Sunset on newstands now.  Nat has the luxury (and gumption) of being able to ride a hydrobike to work each day.  He pedals across approximately 1 mile of the Puget Sound, before getting on his road bike for the rest of his sub 5 mile commute.  He says the best part of the commute is dropping a line and catching Salmon on his way him.  Needless to say,  I’m a bit jealous.

I asked Nat about the helmet and he told me about a guy (not wearing a helmet) who also commuted to work on a hydrobike and was killed when a boat collided with him.  He tries to avoid corssing in the dark,  but sometimes it’s unavoidable when he has long meetings after work in the winter.


Not long ago, I flew to Eureka, CA to photograph Pepper Smith for Glamour Magazine.  Her story is almost impossible to comprehend.  She was adopted at birth and then abducted at age 4. Now in her 40’s, she’s just relearning her true identity and reconnecting with her adoptive parents.  The life that happened in between is the kind of stuff usually reserved for the big screen.

Her abductor was abusive and manipulative, and she kept Pepper under lock and key.  In her teens,  Pepper finally escaped and grew up on the streets with no identity, no social security, and no birth certificate.  She worked odd jobs thanks to the few who believed her story.  She battled drugs and abusive relationships,  and somehow managed to press on.  If your interested in reading more about how she reconnected with her adoptive parents,  definitely pick up a copy of this month’s Glamour.

Pepper is a strong woman who is raising a teenage daughter and going back to school to earn a college degree.

This is the image that ran.  Thanks to Brian, my PE, who always gives me some fascinating stories and people to photograph. Thanks to Jenny Verador for her great, as always, makeup and hair work.  Thanks also to Kristian, my assistant,  for enduring a pretty long day out in the cold rain.

josh carver for men’s health

First off, Happy New Year.  2010 was an amazing blur – having a kid, moving to W Seattle, working in Hawaii, Carribean, Canada, and all over the States.  I’m thankful to everyone who helped make it go smoothly from all the great PE, AD, and AB who hired me, to the stylists and assistants I work with, and to all the friends who brought us meals when Soren was born.  Thank you.

I don’t have any specific resolutions for the New Year.  I’m mainly just excited to continue to create images and complete some personal projects that had to be moved to the back burner.

On to the new work:

This is Josh Carver for Men’s Health.  He’s a pharmaceutical sales rep and father of four,  who recently lost loads of weight that he packed on eating fast food and not working out.  Weight loss stories are everywhere these days.  From all the Biggest Losers, to people on every talk show on every network.  That said,  I found Josh’s story inspiring b/c of the commonality of being fathers.  I never knew how much time having a kid would take out of each day,  so that fact that he’s got four and was able to turn his life around is a pretty solid achievement.

Along with this story for Men’s Health,  I’ll be blogging about other recent stories for Fast Company, Sunset, Cooking Light, Bank of America, Runner’s World, and Glamour.