sequim – pronounced ‘sqwim’

Not too long ago,  I traveled out to the Olympic Peninsula to photograph a lighthouse on the Dungeness Spit.  It was a great story about great people who care for our historic landmarks and look to preserve them.

The Dungeness Spit – it’s a good 5 mile hike out to the lighthouse.  Good thing for me,  I had wheels to get me there.  Though if I had the time,  it’s a super nice walk along the beach.  Maybe next time…

We got stuck half way out to the lighthouse.  Even with 4×4,  the sand gets pretty soft and the truck just sinks down it.  It was part of the adventure.

Backing it up.

The views aren’t bad.

Portraits of the good people who keep the place looking sharp.

The keeper of the lighthouse.

Old phone in the kitchen and a birds eye view of chow time.

Stack Identifier poster – in case you were wondering.

Inside the lighthouse gallery.


I’ve been organizing and going through the archive and thought I’d start sharing the ones that I’m excited about.  It’s definitely good times looking through work from the past.

melodie knight and ivan + alyosha

one backyard, two sweet bands


Melodie Knight opened up for Ivan and Alyosha at a fun backyard gig.  She’s definitely got a great sound,  so be sure to check her out.


Tim Wilson


Ryan Carbary



This is Ivan and Alyosha, a Seattle band with a sweet sound.   To my NYC friends,  make sure to click on the link and check out their show schedule.  They’re headed East and you’ll want to check them out.

when bart met marli


After wrapping the story in Bend, OR,  the crew and I drove into Portland late at night to work on another portrait for Glamour the following morning.  Bart and Marli own a super fun bar called The Fixin’ To .    I grew up in the South from 5th grade through my undergrad,  so when I step into a bar that has ‘Southern Soul’ (as described on their site),  I can’t help but get a bit excited.  Homemade lemonade, and delicious small plates definitely make this place worth stopping by if you’re in town.


An outtake of Marli whispering sweet nothings into Bart’s ear.


Marli being a good sport lifting some not so light suitcases.


Marli getting done up by the always wonderful Jennifer Verador.


Bart, like all men, patiently awaiting for his lady to be ready for the shoot.  Bart is one cool guy – he’s a freelnace writer and even better, an SEC football fan.


Shooting some baggage.


Shoot wrapped, now off to find lunch. Crossing the sweet St. Johns suspension bridge.


John Street Cafe


Bathroom wall art at John Street Cafe


Stumptown Coffee.  My favorite cup.


Stumptown panorama.


Hotel Modera Lobby. Good place to crash.


Hanging outdoors Hotel Modera.


Amazing dinner at the Veritable Quandry.  If you are in Portland,  do yourself a favor and eat dinner here.


Vertiable Q bar.


Jennifer and trusty assistant Johnny heading out to breakfast without me.


Pit stop at Cargo.  Cool place to pick up some antiques and some random imports.


Mother’s Bistro + Bar for breakfast.  By far Portland’s best breakfast and comfort food spot.


I ate my orange slice first,  thinking that would minimize any excess clogging to my arteries.


Headed back to Seattle,  but not far stopping by Adidas HQ for a portfolio meeting.