wine and salvage shopping

New tearsheets from Sunset Magazine.  If you live on the West Coast and you don’t subscribe,  I highly recommend this magazine.  Their writers and editors do a great job of picking out some great things to do in your area, whether it be the NW, SoCal, or the Rockies.


The first story highlights locations in Seattle where you can enjoy a winetasting, wine tour, or winemaker dinner without leaving the city.  Check out: Picnic (not only good for wine,  but a great place to grad lunch), 106pine, Portalis, and Voluneer Park Café (amazing food and café treats).



The second story showcases places in Seattle where you can pick up great salvage items.  Revival Home and Garden, Nube Green, and the RE Store all have great ideas for projects around the house.




Seeking Beauty by William Henry Davies

“…As long as I love Beauty I am young,

Am young or old as I love more or less;

When Beauty is not heeded or seems stale,

My life’s a cheat, let Death end my distress.”