second act


It’s been a while since I’ve posted much,  but I swear it’s because I’ve been working.  I just returned from a 10 day job that encompassed over 15,000 miles of travel.  I look forward to sharing a bit more about the shoot once the story runs.

Buried in my big pile of mail was the current issue of Money that has a story I shot back in September.  It highlights the career switch of Lee Gelb who used to be a Starbucks exec and is now the owner of Zavida Gemstones.  She gave up her spendy lifestyle to pursue her passion.  The best part of her transition is that her new business model is about helping others.  She’s targeting artisanal jewelry made by designers of third world countries.  25% of all of her profits go back to the people and regions where she purchased the stones/jewelry. If you are into jewelry or are looking for a Christmas gift (skip Zales and all that other crap you see on TV) , definitely check out her site (linked above).

Lee was styled by the talented Alvin Stillwell.


I can kind of relate to switching careers.  While I never drove a porsche or had a beachside home,  I came oh so close to attending medical school and then opted for route B, which was law school.  I was already taking pictures fairly seriously, but felt compelled to have a “normal career”.  I was extremely unhappy with my undergrad choices – a pre-med Biology major.  While I was interested in what I was learning,  none if it felt like it sat well with me as far as having some sort of career. Nonetheless,  I plowed ahead and survived my years at Emory University.

After undergrad,  I studied all summer to take the MCAT (medical school admissions test).  I always thought I’d be an orthopedic.  I ended up taking the exam and doing ok.  I definitely didn’t ace it.  Actually,  I more or less bombed it,  but maybe had decent enough scores coupled with my undergrad grades to get into a state med school.   Something still didn’t feel right,  so I decided to take the year off and volunteer for Americorps.  During my year of volunteer service,  I decided why not law school.  So I took the LSAT and was accepted to enroll that fall. The long story short is that I only lasted a semester and 3 weeks, before jumping ship to pursue photography.  I moved across the country to attend the Art Center,  and the rest as they say…