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I’ve always been a fan of finding good local music.  In Seattle,  there is no shortage of talent.  I’ve really been enjoying Ivan and Alyosha lately (you can download their debut album on itunes).

Check out Ivan and Alyosha here.

Here’s what Rolling Stone says:

The Buzz: Smooth, soaring guitar pop from Seattle duo that is plaintive and pristine.
Listen If: You’d be curious to hear what happened if the Shins slowed it down a bit.
Key Track: “Easy to Love,” the perfect late Valentine for the mutually smitten.

I think “plaintive and prisitine” sums them up pretty good.

Whoever out there is following this blog,  let me know what’s currently new in your itunes library.

end of retirement


Retirement appears to be a thing of the past.  I recently traveled to Lincoln, Tampa, and Pittsburgh to make the these three portraits for AARP.

Mildred,  the woman above is 101 years old and still works at the local newspaper in her small town outside of Lincoln.  She’s an amazing woman – no hearing aid,  no need for eyeglasses,  and completely independent.


Frank,  a former airline pilot from Tampa,  is 89 and lost his pension when his employer went bankrupt.  So, Frank works over twenty hours a week helping other seniors find employment through the AARP foundation.  Like Mildred,  Frank amazed me with how young he seemed.  The man is extremely energetic and was constantly asking my assistant what he could do or what he could carry to help us out.  He’s a true gentleman with a sweet sense of style.


Erma stands under 5 five feet tall and is 92 years old.  She’s been working for the Federal Government for over 67 years and just recently retired.  That’s right, almost 7 decades working for our government and she has a certain spark to her.  There’s such life in her eyes and you just know she’s got some stories.

I guess it’s partly depressing knowing that our seniors are having to work to make ends meet,  yet also a bit inspiring to see how active some still are.  I suppose it’s one thing to continue working if by choice,  but when it’s because of necessity,  it does seem like something is wrong.

You can currently read the online story here.

ziteguyst gooroo

ben huh

If you’ve never visited or, then you’ve just been given two links that will surely rob you of even more of your valuable time.  You can thank me later.

ben huh

These two sites,  along with a slew of others,  are all created by Ben Huh and his team.  I was asked to photograph Ben for Time Magazine last month and just had a great time taking his picture and throwing stuffed cats at him.


You can watch Ben as describes why his sites are so succesful here.


craigslist girls


Glamour magazine called me up to complete a portrait of a girl who uses Craigslist’s ‘casual encounters’ section to find guys to hook up with.  Apparently it’s a trend right now with young women looking for sex without the relationship attached.

You can read the full story in this month’s issue of Glamour.