“Here, Nobel laureates are the equivalent of Britney Spears.”


I was about to head out the door to do a shoot for Time Magazine when I received a call from another editor at Time to see if I could drive out to Richland, WA to photograph Sec. of Energy Steven Chu.  So after wrapping the shoot on Monday (which I’ll post later) I drove to Richland and got there at 2am.  Then on Tuesday I hung out with the Secretary all day as he toured the Hanford Site – which is an insane 500+ sq miles of desert terrain with scattered buildings that house nuclear reactors.


Sec. Chu is our first true capable Sec. of Energy.  He’s a Nobel award winning physicist,  and a forward thinker when it comes to real methods to solving the world’s environmental problems.  I’m pulling for him and this administration to right the ship and to effect change.

Read about Chu here.