stick the fork in me


I’m on a great assignment and just thought I’d share a couple of landscapes from today.


Seattle to Lincoln, NE.  Drove to Overton, NE through miles of cornfields while listening to local radio updates on the soy market. Soy is down right now by a few points.  I woke up at 4am today and caught a flight from Lincoln to O’hare to Tampa and then drove to Clearwater to meet my next subject.  Tomorrow it’s a 6am flight out to Pittsburgh. Life is good.

two wheels – a portrait study


A little over 2 years ago I was introduced to road cycling while living in LA.  My circle of friends were fanatical about the sport,  and I decided to give it a try.  While I liked to ride,  I never thought I’d really get into it.  Since moving to Seattle,  I’ve found myself on the bike more and more.  Now that it’s part of my life,  I really wanted to document the people who ride day in and day out up here.  There’s just something about getting all decked out in spandex.  In part,  it feels and looks ridiculous.  But when I look at the sport and the real athletes who practice it,  there is more of a superhero element to the uniform or ‘kits’ cyclists wear.


These portraits are part of an ongoing portrait project that I’m working on out of my studio.  I just thought it was an appropriate time to post them since Le Tour de France is officially over.  If you are into cycling,  be sure to check out Brent Humphrey’s tour coverage on Andrew Hetherington’s blog.


miss LA, but the NW suits me

It’s been 9 months since we left Downtown LA for the NW.  In the photo world,  LA and NYC are it in the States.  There’s a healthy photo community and tons of resources for pulling together jobs.  Up here, not so much.  I knew that when we moved, but I guess I was in denial about how much I’d miss it.  That said,  this is where we belong.  The pace of life, the clean air, short commutes,  tasty coffee, perfect beer, and the environment suit us.  This is home – it didn’t hit me until flying back from a recent job.  The pilot circled Mt. Rainier and then headed North of Seatac to enter the landing pattern.  Until then,  I still felt that this was just a temporary season; maybe a vacation from LA or just some random time in life where we thought we’d try something different.   

Now that summer has arrived,  I’ll be posting some random shots from adventures – some job related, others not.  Have a good summer everyone!