480 seconds with Paul Giamatti


It was 11am, and I was in the middle of another editorial job when Benjamin Purvis of Seattle Metropolitan called me up and asked if I could be at the W Hotel @ 2pm to photograph actor Paul Giamatti.  The shoot I was on was going good, and I was sure I’d be done in time to make it downtown in time – so I quickly said yes.  

I got to the hotel and set up a couple lit options.  Paul walked on set, and I spent the first 180 seconds chatting with him about LA, Art Center, and his new movie – Cold Souls.  In his new movie, Paul plays a character named ‘Paul Giamatti’ who goes to a doctor who can remove souls.  The twist is that his character’s soul gets stolen “soul trafficking” and ends up in Russia. Needles to say,  the movie sounds ridiculously hysterical and I have no doubt that Paul is the right man for the role. He’s not only one of our better actors right now, but he’s also just plain nice and laid back. 

In an interview with Cinematical Paul spoke about his role and said, “I kind of forgot that I was playing myself in this … I kind of felt that (director Sophie Bart) captured, in a funny way, an archetypal type of neurotic New York self-involved actor … I kinda forgot I was playing myself; and I don’t mean that to sound disingenuous about it, but I really did. …”