why i live here


I had a blast making the portrait of Angela Shen, owner of Savor Seattle, for Sunset Magazine.  Angela knows everyone at the market and just had great energy.  She offers some interesting food and cultural tours covering the market, gourmet food in Seattle, and she’s even offering a coffee and chocolate tour.

The image that ran is of Angela with two of the boys of the ‘World Famous Pike Place Fish Market‘.  They were total characters and completely giving of their time.  We shot quite a few frames of them throwing fish back and forth,  and then had them pose with Angela while holding a giant halibut and some salmon.  If you happen to be visiting,  you most definitely need to stop by their fish market – great people and great fish.



I recently was hired to photograph Martin Waugh for Money Magazine. Martin is a photographer who takes stop action images of water droplets. You can check out a pretty cool video of Martin applying his technique to video work.  It’s pretty fascinating stuff to see the beauty of droplets of water as they collide. Check it out here.


I definitely relate to Martin’s story about leaving behind his career in Software engineering to pursue photography.  I studied Biology + Pre-Med and went as far as taking the MCAT before deciding I didn’t want to go to med school.  Then I took a year off doing volunteer work for Americorps.  After that I went to law school. Photography was always in the back of mind.  My dad was always taking amazing pictures of our family growing up and sitting us in front of never-ending slideshows. I’ll never forget the slideshows!!!  That’s one thing you really can’t duplicate with digital.  The sound of the carousel , the darkness in between frames, and the sweetness of chrome.  Aside from photographing the family, dad was a serious underwater photographer.  To keep a long story short,  I got the itch from my dad. I ended up dropping out of law school in my second semester.  Then I headed out to LA because I was accepted to study photography at Art Center.  The rest is history.


Here you can see his set up.  What you don’t get to appreciate is the software that Martin developed to control the droplets.  The man is a true technical genius.  I’d never have the patience to do anything like this,  but I appreciate those who do what they enjoy.

make it rain


Ray Rainwater played for the Supersonics in their last season in Seattle.  He ended up tearing his achilles and had to retire.  


He’s an awesome guy and still a super ballplayer.