such great heights

Condé Nast Portfolio – April 2009 Issue


Shortly after moving up to Seattle from LA,  I got a call from Condé Nast Portfolio for my first assignment in our new city.  I learned that I’d be photographing Peter Boal, the creative director of the Pacific NW Ballet, atop the Space Needle.  Not many people get to access the roof of the Needle,  so I was pretty excited. It was an amazing experience,  and I need to thank my assistants who helped carry gear up a series of narrow fire escape ‘type’ ladders to get all my lights up top.  


This image was another option that I photographed after finishing with the dancers.  We initially wanted to have a couple of dancers on this sloped section with Peter,  but we were only allowed two people on this portion of the Needle b/c you need to be roped into a cable system.  I wasn’t scared being up so high,  just a little terrified of dropping something and then having to watch it inflict serious damage below.  Luckily everything went smoothly.


That’s me after the shoot.  Thanks Brian for an amazing assignment.

tent city


I recently traveled to Sacramento to make portraits for AARP of Seniors who have recently become homeless due to job loss. You can see the slideshow on AARP’s website here.

why blog

To save the galaxy and shamelessly promote my photography. 

I don’t have a specific mission or goal (aside from saving the galaxy) for this blog. I just plan on sharing work and maybe some ideas on the photo industry.

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