la is home base

After an amazing 8 years in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest,  the family and I are settling back into LA.  I’m excited to be back among so many great friends and industry peers!

Thank you to all the amazing clients who have supported my work while based in Seattle.  I’m forever thankful, and I hope that we can continue to work together on the West Coast and beyond.

I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog,  so for now,  here’s a recent tearsheet and outtakes from a shoot for the Wharton School of Business photographed at Microsoft.


I love these type of assignments because the demand on timing, scheduling, and locations seems next to impossible.  I had three setups going for a group of 5 busy engineers.  We were able to get them in and out of all 3 setups and back to work in under 30 minutes.  The reason why I enjoy the pressure is it helps to really narrow my focus when everything needs to happen fast.  The team you have around you becomes really important,  and it’s a good feeling when the preparation leads to a successful shoot.


brackish designs

Andy and Forest design beautiful furniture using mostly reclaimed woods and metals.  The above spread can be seen in this month’s issue of SunsetBelow are some outtakes from our shoot together.


To see more of their work,  check out Brackish.






naveen jain for wired magazine

Ever wonder how much meteor you can buy for roughly $5,000,000?  The above photo (plus other rocks in his collection) will give you an indication on just how valuable these collectibles are.  I photographed Naveen for the current issue of Wired.  Years ago, Naveen was an exec at Mircosoft, and now he runs multiple companies ranging from lunar exploration to working on reducing shortage of food using Synthetic biology.  The man is an entrepreneur, innovator, and a pioneer.  It was a pleasure spending a short time with him and his meteorite collection.

His collection includes at least one piece from every meteorite to have hit Earth.  This ranges from martian pieces (most valuable) to lunar chunks (I got feel and hold a piece of the moon which was pretty cool).  He has rocks that have struck cars and one that even went through a house.  That rock actually has fragments of wood embedded in it from where it smashed through a wooden joist in the roof of the home it struck. The best part of the whole thing is just how passionate Naveen is about his collection and about space.

Naveen holding a cross section of luna meteorite.

See and read more by clicking here.

lufthansa for monocle magazine

It’s always fun when you get a call from a PE of a magazine you’ve admired for a long time.  Monocle is a UK based mag that basically covers everything from cultural affairs to design.  Recently,  I was asked to photograph Boeing’s new 747-8 created for Lufthansa.  The plane was still being worked on,  so I was only permitted to take exteriors.  The biggest challenge was dealing with NW weather – rained the whole 45 minutes.  The best part was getting to hover some 50+ft above the ground on a scissor lift.



true wheels

making them true

Mamiya RZ – 65mm

Kodak Portra – Imacon Scan

Mamiya RZ – 110m

Kodak Portra – Imacon Scan


cover story on cap hill seattle

Above is the cover taken at Elliott Bay Bookstore for this month’s Preservation magazine.  If you’ve never heard of this publication and you are into architecture or historical sites,  then you are missing out.  The writers do a fantastic job, and it really is top notch journalism.  I’m definitely a fan of their content and feel lucky to get to contribute to an editorial with such substance.

This story revolved around the Pike + Pine area of Capitol Hill Seattle.  For those of you not from the NW or those not familiar with Seattle,  Capitol Hill is the neighborhood where most big things go down in Seattle.  Top designers, motion studios, amazing eateries, and high end retailers fill the blocks that make up the neighborhood.  Mr. Malone, photographed above, is the man who owns and runs most of the buildings in the Pike+Pine area.  He’s got loads of passion when it comes to bringing in quality tenants who bring something different to the table.  He also does a good job of keeping the historical buildings in tact.  With so much hype over green building these days,  Malone believes that the greenest buildings are the ones restored and rehabbed.

One of the spreads.

Anne Michelson owns and runs Crescent Down Works (a clothing business) out of an old building she’s restored.  She also owns the new Kundig Condo building which I recommend checking out if you like his work.  More images ran in the article,  so pick it up and check it out.

peter guard for fast co

This is Peter Guard for the current February issue of Fast Company Magazine. Peter is a ‘Cabin Experience Strategy Leader’ for Boeing.  In other words,  he’s the designer responsible for making airplane cabins for comfortable and functional.  For example,  he’s working on making seats more light weight and comfortable.  Losing weight equals more leg room without losing seat count.  He also spoke to me about doing away with the lavatory bifold panel doors and replacing them with panel doors.  These changes may sound minor,  but after getting a sneak peak at the new interior of Boening latest creation,  it sure looks like air travel will be getting more comfortable (at least if you’re on an overseas flight).

Here are a couple of outtakes: