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April 4th, 2014

eric hansen and his drone for outside magazine

Eric Hanson drove across the country with his drone.  He flew it in a variety of public spaces to gauge onlookers perception of drones and their growing popularity.

The biggest challenge in making these images on location was the short battery life for the drone.  The good news for me was that Eric is steady on the controls and was able to maneuver the Phantom anywhere I asked.

A big thank you to Amy at Outside for the fun shoot.

April 4th, 2014

dale chihuly for the financial times

It was pleasure getting to meet and photography artist Dale Chihuly for the Financial Times, ‘How to Spend It‘ portfolio.

January 22nd, 2014

lysandra sapp for lmu alumni magazine

I had a great time meeting and making portraits of Lysandra for the Loyola Marymount alumni magazine.  She was a good sport and braved the wind and rain to get the shot we needed.

January 20th, 2014

winter olympic tech for popular mechanics

I felt like I was a kid in a candy store during this two day shoot for Popular Mechanics.  It was amazing getting to meet the team at Specialized (located just south of San Jose).  They fueled the crew up on Verve coffee and also let us demo their new electric assist bikes (which were super addictive).  While we weren’t there to shoot bikes,  it was nice get the full tour and then settle into the wind tunnel location where I photographed US Ski Team downhiller Steven Nyman.   I didn’t know Steven was our subject until the day before the shoot,  and I was super excited when I found out it was him.  I had photographed Steven before for Men’s Journal on one of my first ever editorials.  It was good to reconnect and do another shoot together.

I also enjoyed meeting the crew at Easton Bell near Santa Cruz.  They have machines to stress test all the gear they make.

Finally,  I headed down to Burbank from the Bay Area to Easton Bell’s other location.  The burbank location focuses more on skating and baseball.  They also had many machines to insure the products they are making are safe and will hold up to the demands of the athletes.

Some outtakes:

The new USA Spyder suit.

A new Giro helmet getting ready to be smashed.

They keep the skates at ‘ice’ temp before firing pucks at them at 100mph.

Easton Bell was nice enough to dissect some of their new product for the shoot.

The new combyn helmet.

Team Specialized analyzing aero data as Nyman holds the tuck.

Hoping to see this guy make it to Sochi!  Thanks to everyone who helped out to make this shoot come together and for Allyson for hiring me!








November 21st, 2013

jon rimmerman for GQ

This is Jon Rimmerman of the Garagiste (purveyor of wines), photographed for the November issue of GQ.  I was really excited to get the call for this story,  because I’ve been a long time fan of the portrait work featured in GQ.

Jon was really great to work with, and was very comfortable in front of the camera.  I showed up a bit early to scout the location and immediately was drawn to the white paint on the bench.  I felt it would be a great way to highlight the wine pour.  The rest of the set up was moving furniture and adding the flowers. Thanks to GQ, my crew, Artusi, and Jon’s family for making the shoot possible.


Some outtakes:

The guy in the tank just happened to be walking by as we were setting up the shot.  I asked him if he’d be down to pour some wine, and he was nice enough to play the part.

Jon in his new Fiat.

September 23rd, 2013

outtake from WSJ Money Shoot

More on my shoot in Elkhart, IN coming soon.

August 14th, 2013

omer arbel for dwell

When I committed myself to the life of freelance photographer,  I made a list of my top 10 magazines that I wanted to work for someday.  DWELL was in the top 3 on that list.  Over the past couple of years,  I’ve kept them on my radar and sporadically would mail the team promo materials.  I honestly felt my style of work would be a good fit for some of their stories,  so I just had to assume it was a matter of timing. So a few months back I received my first call to photograph Omer Arbel in his Vancouver B.C. home for the current September issue.  I was super excited for the opportunity, and I immediately began researching Omer’s work.

I have been afforded such an amazing window into the lives of extremely interesting people in my career.  It’s a luxury and privilege that I respect and honor.  Whether if it’s a celebrity, a politician, an athlete, a business person, a maker, or an artist,  I’m always left marveling at how the camera allows me these great moments.  For this,  I am eternally grateful to all the subjects who hate getting their portraits made, and for all the amazing photo editors and art buyers in this industry who entrust me to deliver compelling imagery. Thank you.

I mention these thoughts because meeting Omer and Aileen (and their pets) further cemented my passion for the work I get to do.

It’s a personal experience making portraits.  The work becomes even more personal when you are telling someone’s story through the objects in their home.  Every nook in the home held my interest.  Whether if it was the glassware collection on the beautiful wooden shelves, or the Knabstrup ceramics, or the first run Bocci pieces,  I felt everything in the house belonged and added texture.

Bowie,  their Weimaraner,  was extremely patient posing for a few frames as well.  Love that dog!

I made this photograph at a foundry that Omer works with to create his latest 19 series for Bocci.  While working on the whole story was an amazing experience,  seeing copper being poured was the highlight.

Here’s an outtake of the workers lifting the cauldron full of copper.  I could feel the heat and I was standing a good fifteen feet away.

I had one go at this shot,  so I set up my ladder directly overhead of where the pour would take place.  The man who was about to make the pour told me that if I like my feet,  I should move the ladder back a good 10 ft.  I like my feet,  so I took his advice and the above image was the result.

This is what one of the finished 19 series pieces looks like.  Omer is making them in a small, medium, and large.

And a couple more outtakes of Omer, Aileen, and Bowie.

Thanks to Julia Sabot for making the trip up to oversee the shoot.  Thanks to Anna and Alejandro for their support on the work I did.  Thanks to my assistant Shea for the solid work.  Thanks to Omer and Aileen for their hospitality!


August 12th, 2013

hills of big sur with juniper ridge

Sometimes the stars align, and I receive an inquiry about an assignment that seems too good to be true.  Essentially,  the conversation goes like this: “Would you like to go to Big Sur and spend two days backpacking with some guys that distill men’s cologne out of the back of their van?”  My immediate thoughts – camping, Big Sur (my favorite spot in all of California), and guys who make stuff out their van –  sign me up!

I had an amazing time with Obi, Hall, and the rest of the Juniper team.  Not only were they laid back,  but they fed me and my assistant amazing meals.  Thanks to Catriona and Amy at MJ for the great opportunity and to everyone at Juniper for being so easy to work with.


I’ve gone ahead and created a gallery on my site – click here to check it out.


July 9th, 2013

andre kajlich is tougher than you

Meet Andre Kajlich, the reigning USA Paratriathlete of the year.  I recently photographed him for the August issue of Runner’s World, and you can see for yourself just how tough he is by checking out this video.  ”People have been through stuff that makes my life look like a day at the beach. The body can adapt incredibly, and the mind can turn out some magic of its own.” – Andre

Thanks to Andre for being such a willing subject.  He braved hanging from a tree branch and doing one too many repetitions of a dip to handstand routine for my camera.  You’re an inspiration, and I wish you all the best “finishing your stuff”.


Thanks to Michele Ervin for another great assignment and to Benjamen Purvis for the solid design on the story.

Some outtakes:




June 24th, 2013

hoku and the north shore for afar magazine

I had the great opportunity to work with Tara Guertin at AFAR on a ‘resident’ story on the North Shore of O’ahu.  It’s always a treat to get to go back to the islands.  I spent three years on O’ahu when I was 8-11 yrs old and it still feels like home every time I go back.

The two day story took me to all of ‘Hoku’s’ favorite spots on the North Shore.  I got to sample some lau lau, chocolate haupia pie, and some garlic shrimp.  My favorite part was spending an hour on Pipeline beach watching the big surf before heading back to the airport.  When it’s breaking big,  pipeline is a uniquely powerful and raw experience.   Thanks Tara and AFAR!

And some outtakes:

Surf N Sea board shop.


Willi Edwards / Surf Instructor

Acai bowls are popular on the North Shore

The Pipe

This guy is on his cell giving details on the surf report.


Banzai Pipeline.

Turtle Bay




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