dave asprey for men’s fitness

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee

When we pulled up to Dave Asprey’s home outside of Victoria BC,  my first thought was that it reminded me of the opening seen in Commando – where Arnold Schwarzenegger is presented to the audience as the rugged man collecting firewood at this remote compound set in the trees.  Mr. Asprey’s home is situated in a clearing of tall evergreens with beautiful views and just enough land to see that work and play have their dedicated space.  Our shoot for Men’s Fitness took place in Aprey’s detached office/workout/lab building.  Inside there is a variety of standard workout equipment like bosu balls, climbing ropes, punching bags, kettlebells etc.  Sprinkled in with the common equipment are some state of the art limited edition pieces.  He has a cryotherapy chamber which he likes to use to recover from workouts, a one of a kind bowflex looking machine that adjusts resistance with computer software, and a sensory deprivation tank (enclosed saltwater chamber where you float off into sleep).  Upstairs is the bulletproof kitchen and lab/office.  He first gave us the tour of the building which we finished around the kitchen island.  There he showed us some new packaging for product that came in tiny vials.  It’s difficult to describe what the product looked like,  but imagine a 1/2 ounce plastic vial with a tab you tear off to drink the contents.  The package came with roughly a dozen of these vials.  He offered my assistant, Photo Director Brian Marcus, and myself a sample.  The product is supposed to increase mitochondria – basically allow you to think more clearly and with greater efficiency. We each popped our samples and then Brian asked what’s in them.  Asprey responded ” beaver anus oil.”

Dave Asprey

Prior to this job, I wasn’t aware of the Bulletproof coffee phenomenon that has garnered a world wide following.  I research my shoots once assignments come in, and I learned that it’s basically good coffee with a little grass fed butter and some coconut oil (brain octane oil under the bulletproof brand which is high in MCT – medium chain triglycerides).  You blend it all up and the resulting beverage is supposed to leave you satisfied until your next meal without the crash of your typical cup of coffee.  While I haven’t implemented the process into my morning rituals,  I have to say that it tastes really good.  I’m a self admitted espresso snob,  and adding a little frothy butter to a cup of good coffee isn’t bad.  As for the health benefits,  I’ll leave that to the experts to figure out.

Dave Asprey

The ‘Human Cloning Tank’ is actually the Dave’s sensory deprivation tank.  It’s an enclosed pool of saltwater where you float and drift off to sleep or meditation.  Not for the clausterphobic.

Dave Asprey

Mr. Aprey photographed on the balcony off of his kitchen/lab.

Dave Asprey

I want to personally thank Dave for being so gracious with his time and for sharing his passion for his products.  Thanks also to Brian Marcus for the assignment.  I truly enjoyed this one!


congrats team usa and hope solo


I had a great time making photos of Hope Solo, her chickens, and her dogs for People Magazine.  It was great seeing the US Women’s Team play extremely well throughout the world cup.  Congrats!!

Thanks to People for the assignment.  Thanks to my crew.  Thanks to Hope’s husband Jerramy for helping wrangle chickens and position the dogs.

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felix hernandez and mariners opening day for ESPN the Magazine


It all starts with footwork.


1.85 ERA,  6W-OL –  King Felix is off to a solid 2015

The images below were created for the ESPN The Magazine Pitching Issue which is out on stands now.  I spent the day covering the fans, food, warmups, King Felix Section ‘King’s Court’, and pre game.










This was my first M’s game,  and I had a great time trying to keep spilled beer of my gear.  Thanks Nick for the amazing opportunity!




death cab for cutie


The rapid connections I make with my subjects usually leaves me wishing things weren’t so rushed.  Whether it’s a couple of minutes with Obama,  30 minutes with a business owner, a few frames with a CEO, etc.,  I come away feeling like the human element is lacking.  That’s just the way it is and it’s part of working fast and being ready to make solid work.

My experience with Death Cab (photographed for Billboard) was different.  I didn’t have all day with them,  but there was more of a bond there already.  It was almost like I knew these guys.  Ben’s voice had accompanied me on countless road trips – whether with Postal Service or DC.  It just felt like I was getting the chance to hang out with old friend’s (friend’s I had never met before).





dan price of gravity payments


Happy 2015!  Three months late,  but better late than never.  The blog has been stalled because I spent the first quarter reworking the main website and branding.  Now that it’s finished,  I’ll hopefully be catching on the blog.

This first entry of the year is just a great story.  I photographed Dan at the end of last year for the cover of Entrepreneur.  Back then he was getting noticed more for the type of business he runs at Gravity Payments. Now,  his face is all over the media because he recently raised the minimum salary at this workplace to $70,000.  It’ unheard of today in an age where a CEO’s wage is some astronomical figure and many of the employees who make the company profitable can barely make ends meet.  Dan is trying to change this income gap and assure that people that work for him won’t have to struggle to make a living.




From the little time I spent with Dan, I got the sense that he’s super genuine and also very intelligent.  It was a true pleasure meeting and making his portrait. He’s taking a huge risk by implementing the salary changes while dropping his own salary to same 70k.  Hopefully it will work out and create a new model for businesses worldwide.